Book payment method The Sound of Stradivari
Violin Patrick KREIT






There are several payment options:


1)     PayPal.Me/PatrickKREITFR.



After your payment of the book via PayPal, be sure to send me an e-mail specifying your full address

and  telephone number (required by the post office for mailing).

Also, indicate the version of the book  (English or French ).



2)   Wire transfer by a bank


To make a bank transfer, send your request to : Patrick KREIT


Indicate your full address and telephone number (cellphone or landline, necessary for sending the parcel by post); you will receive an international bank identification slip by return, enabling you to make a bank-to-bank transfer for payment of the book (485 euros including postage) using your cellphone or PC, using your bank codes, or by visiting your bank’s office.


3)  After you have sent me your address and phone number, upon request, a PayPal invoice can be sent to you, which you then pay, either by credit card without a PayPal account, or with your PayPal account.


4)  There are many money transfer companies (independent of banks, for a minimal charge) for cellphone or PC using the same procedure.


Here are two examples, whose addresses can be found on the WEB according to each country:


MoneyGram, Payoneer exct…..








Book The Sound of Stradivari                          Patrick KREIT

Book "The Sound of stradivari"

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